MPR was established by fitness expert Tony A Molina in 1992. While standing outside the doors of the gym Tony had the “aha” moment that changed the way he looked at exercise forever. He realized that the trends in fitness have always been towards creating ever newer and more complicated machines to assist us to workout. Looking in at the endless rows of hulking machines, with all those people busy sitting, leaning and lying on them, Tony knew what fitness should become focused on: developing intelligent weight bearing exercise techniques that utilized the best piece of equipment ever invented, the human body. This philosophy on how to approach fitness led Tony to develop Multiple Planes of Resistance.

MPR is Multiplanar High Intensity Strength Training (MHIST™).
Traditional exercises target individual muscles while supporting the body, MPR targets muscle groups while challenging the body to support itself; You engage more muscles per rep, set, and exercise to increase your total caloric expenditure both during and after your workout through EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption).You obtain all the benefits of high intensity interval training without enduring the trauma of high impact.

The elite in fashion, finance and entertainment have benefited from Tony’s MPR technique for the last 25 years.